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Tour Les Jours first knocked on the door of the US market in 2004 and expanded into Beijing, China in 2005. Since then, stores have been opened in Ho Chi Min city, Vietnam in 2007 the Philippines and Indonesia in 2011. There are now more than 160 locations throughout the US, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

In Beijing, Wu Dao Kou is the first store location in Asia for Tour Les Jours with the name of Duo Lur Tzu Le () for localized pronunciation. Tour Les Jour won the AAA Brand Company award in the bakery category by the Chinese Venture Product Quality Assurance Center (), the Customer Satisfaction Company by the Beijing Quality Association and Beijing Consumer Satisfaction Scheme Union. Tous les Jours is rapidly building recognition and trust in China.

Along with the US and China, the most active market for Tour Les Jours is Southeast Asia. The first expansion was to Vietnam in 2007, followed by Cambodia, and Malaysia, bonded by Master Franchise deal was established where local companies have contracted through royalty payments and commissions for technical support and brand rights instead of direct branching from the head office.

The successful venture in Vietnam in 2007, played a major role in advancing in the Southeast Asian market. In Vietnam, the popularity of Tour Les Jours is so hot it can be renamed as the Korean Bakery Wave. Since the first opening in June 2007, it has expanded to a total of 30 direct branches and has become the No. 1 bakery in the Vietnam market.

In 2013, Tour Les Jours will rapidly expand its stores in Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and throughout all SE Asia to achieve No.1 in sales in the Southeast Asian Bakery market.

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