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Code of Conduct : ethical management by establishing systematic compliance

Now,the world is enforcing regulations for anti-corruption/fair trade/human rights/environment, emphasizing social responsibility and sustainable management of companies. In such a changing management environment, it is necessary to promote ethical managementby establishing systematic compliance (law-abiding) culture in order to obtain “trust” from the society and customers surrounding Foodvilleand succeed as the first-class company.

“CJ Code of Business Conduct” means the code of conduct for CJ person to realize the CJ business philosophy specifically. This shows how CJ person should behave in relation to the customers, shareholders, colleagues, partners (competitors and suppliers), national and regional community for the ethical and sustainable management.

The “CJ Code of Business Conduct” makes clear the responsibility of CJ person to realize the vision of CJ Group which is “the living culture company creating health, pleasure and convenience” and contains the efforts and commitment to execute a fair business and perform social responsibility. The basis thereof is the “ONLYONE,” “person of talent” and “coexistence,” which are the essential values of CJ. The concept of right people for CJ, i.e., “decent positive worker” and genuine execution of coexistence have been the greatest assets that brought about what CJ is now, and will be the impetus for CJ to continue to grow together with all of its interest parties in a sound industrial ecosystem.

All executives and staff members of CJ Foodville are all committed to complying with and implementing the 'CJ Code of Business Conduct'.

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