• Healthy bakery with different ingredients TOUS les JOURS

  • My No.1 Steakhouse VIPS

  • Noodle Making Master’s Restaurant CEILJEMYUNSO

  • Beyond Imagination! CJ FOODWORLD

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Vision & Mission  Join with CJ Foodville’s global corporation in advancing the new food culture.

A Global F&B Company to foster a healthy and joyful food culture
Create daily pleasure with ONLYONE taste and service
Core Value
Core Value:
  1. K-Food Pride - Spread K-food around the world through K-Food pride
  2. Food Integrity - Do not compromise quality and dedication to taste and service
  3. Openness - Cooperate with open mind to achieve the goal dedicate
  4. Out of the Box Thinking - Lead the trend of food service industry with creativity and innovation
  5. Dedication - Look beyond mere personal success and dedicate your efforts to the success of others