• Healthy bakery with different ingredients TOUS les JOURS

  • My No.1 Steakhouse VIPS

  • Noodle Making Master’s Restaurant CEILJEMYUNSO

  • Beyond Imagination! CJ FOODWORLD

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Vision & Mission  Join with CJ Foodville’s global corporation in advancing the new food culture.

Creative the  World of New Food Culture
Lead the food service industry through the ‘ONLYONE’ service and taste, Improve the food service performance through first class training and win-win partnerships, Share Korean food culture across the globe through the K-Food movement
Core Value
Core Value:
  1. K-Food Pride - Spread K-food around the world through K-Food pride
  2. Food Integrity - Do not compromise quality and dedication to taste and service
  3. Openness - Cooperate with open mind to achieve the goal dedicate
  4. Out of the Box Thinking - Lead the trend of food service industry with creativity and innovation
  5. Dedication - Look beyond mere personal success and dedicate your efforts to the success of others