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CEO Greeting CJ Foodville, global restaurant leader, fulfills its social responsibilities

CJ Foodville’s fun restaurants serve healthy, great tasting food to guests everywhere.

I’m Kim Chan Ho, CJ Foodville’s CEO, and I want to personally
invite you to visit one of our great restaurants near you.

Come in and experience for yourself why CJ Foodville is becoming the global restaurant leader. Our motto, “Create the World of New Food Culture”, shows the commitment CJ Foodville is making to fulfill CJ’s business philosophy of , “The Only One”, which inspires us to be the first and the best, and to distinguish our restaurants and service from others in the food industry.

Since starting our first restaurant, Skylark, in 1994, CJ Foodville has launched 14 different restaurant brands including VIPs--leading Korean brand among western-style family restaurants, TOUS les Jours--the best bakery for health-conscious customers. In addition, CJ Foodville runs CJ Food World where customers hungrily explore the culinary cultures of bakery and cooking studio.

CJ Foodville, global restaurant leader, fulfills its social responsibilities

CJ Foodville, global restaurant leader, fulfills its social responsibilities.

CJ Foodville is recognized as a global leader in the restaurant business. Our lineup includes TOUS les Jours bakeries, which have rapidly gained market share in the USA, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines; and the new addition. CJ Foodville continues to develop unique brands under the CJ Foodville umbrella that satisfy today’s globalized customers.

By providing the best quality food and service, CJ Foodville is earning the love and support of customers around the world. CJ Foodville
demonstrates its corporate social responsibility by creating jobs and contributing to each locale’s quality of life.

Every member of the CJ Foodville family of fine restaurants deeply appreciates your support.
Thank you very much.

Kim Chan Ho, CEO, CJ Foodville