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bibigo successfully opens its second restaurant in London - bibigo Angel.
bibigo’s second restaurant in London, bibigo Angel is well-placed in a trendy commercial area that’s also home to a large shopping mall, famous theatres, antique market, fashion and item shops and thriving flower market. The area is popular for the dozens of restaurants that can be found there, serving everything from ethnic cuisines such as African, Latin American, and Southeast Asian through to contemporary English, French, and Italian dishes. bibigo will operate in a // that’s emerged as the area’s gourmet street, alongside famous neighboring restaurants such as star chef Jamie Oliver’s eaterie Jamie’s Italian and the Michelin-starred St. JOHN Restaurant.
bibigo’s second restaurant in London will build on the success of bibigo Soho in promoting Korean cuisine in London, with its first restaurant already hhaving been listed twice in the pages of the prestigious Michelin Guide London. More customers can now enjoy Korean favorites such as ‘Soondae’ and ‘Bossam’, which have received a warm response from Londoners, who are particularly impressed with the various side dishes available, including fresh seasoned vegetables, cabbage Kimchi and cubed radish Kimchi (‘Kkakduki’) that are made in the restaurant.
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영국 angel 점 사진1

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