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China, USA


Founded in May 2010, bibigo has become a successful global Korean food brand and is promoting the excellence of Korean food and leading the global Korean food movement. In August 2010, the first overseas store in Beijing proved popular among health-conscious but on-the-go workers as 30% of sales are take outs. In our LA stores, stone pot bibimbap has quickly become a favorite. bibigos healthy options where customers choose their preferred rice, sauce and toppings have proven convenient and strengthened the popularity of healthy Korean food around the world.

Huffington Post, a popular American Internet news source, selected bibigo as the best healthy fast food in LA, LCAL9, LA local broadcast for CBS, covered a section for the Upcoming restaurant, and the cover story for LA Times Business Section reported bibigo as the leading example of Korean brand expanding in the US. The love for Korean food and bibigo continues as the national broadcast channel, PBS, introduced bibimbap as the leading brand of Korean food through the documentary Kimchi Chronicles and shares the limelight in China as the Chinese Youth Report (Ҵ) covered the wholesomeness of Korean food under the article, titled Overloaded stomach stops at bibigo.

In 2012, additional stores were introduced in Beijing, USA. We are planning to expand to over 20 countries by 2016 and look forward to making the first globalized Korean food specialty brand that crosses home-cooking with a dining experience. Sales of over 2 billion dollars are forecast.

Overseas status of Bibigo

  • China

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